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1), Post these Rules

2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character

3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters

4), Post their names as well as their owners

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Janine Shaw 

1. Janine is extremely sportive (duh!) She's in the "Tigers" Football-Team and pretty much owns everone when on the field. She also does several combat sports, running, swimming, bicycling, boxing, and even climbing - even if there's not much on drene, that's big enough for a drenic to climb it. She often neglects her homework and instead abandons studying for a nice little tennis-match. That is also the only thing that bothers her on her stay on earth - she can't do much sports without flattening entire landscapes. Instead she settles for some push-ups and squats in the morning and evening... and sometimes in between.
2. She has a little 8 year old sister named Katie and a twin-sister named Melanie.
3. Her mother works at the local diner and makes the best pancakes in the known universe.
4. Her dad works abroad and she doesn't see him very often.
5. She likes to hang out in Scarlett's place and it became her second home. She especially likes the massive swimming-pool there.
6. Besides Scarlett and Ashley Janine has loads of other friends; be they from her football-team or the other sport teams she's in or just random people she meets while clubing. Sometimes Scarlett gets a little envious about that, but Janine is still there for Scarly 24/7 because she has the feeling that she needs it.
7. Which leads me to point 7: Janine is super-empathic. She easily feels compassion for everyone and ESPECIALLY for the tinies she met recently. So much compassion in fact, that she has the strong wish to protect them - because now that she knows there are beings much tinier than the drenics, she's afraid that some not-so-nice-people of her kind could take advantage of the tinies.
8. What? Already 8? Well... uh... what's most important... Okay: although being worried about the well-being of her tiny friends, she enjoys the extreme size-difference - because of the mind blowing opportunities resulting of that! She likes toying with tinies, if they don't get scared (too much :P ) and is fascinated seeing them running around on her hands as if they were football-fields. But deep in her heart she has the secret wish to switch roles with the tinies and for once being able to climb such a huge body like hers :B

alrighty. Some People wanted to get tagged the last time, so here's your chance: I CALL YOU: :icondoodleslayer: aaaand you: :iconlittleguy311:


GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 42 by UnseenHarbinger
GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 42
Alright! I can finally tackle the next part of the comic :) I had to do some testing with the required airplanes and decided I could turn that into a promo actually :D

Everything is original scale here! A Jumbo-Jet is indeed smaller than Ashley's finger! So if you board one the next time, think about how nicely it fits between her lips ;)
GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 41
I have good news and bad news.

Good news are: It's going well with the comic.

Bad news are: I've gone completely and utterly mad.

As you can see in the picture, Sally "handles" about half a million people like soft dough here :3 and that's what you can expect to see A LOT in the comic with probably all of the girls, or at least as many as the story allows. I still have to figure out a really serious narrative problem, which my obsession with the girls devouring large loads of people brought up...

The other bad news is: with all those special effects (I currently decided to add some atmospheric and depth of field effects, too) not to mention the hand-taylored props and stuff... It'll take me a LONG ASS TIME to finish the first episode of the season. I'm still trying to keep christmas as a deadline, but that's really optimistic... So I'll have to ask you for more patience :(
GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 40
Alright ladies and gentlemen. I FINALLY can present some more updates. Today I achieved a major breakthrough with a new plugin for DAZ Studio allowing me to distribute ludicous amounts of props - or in my case people - onto any given surface without turing my RAM into a hydrogen bomb. Yeah well, kinda. In fact, this plugin still requires a shitload of RAM (up to 5000 MB as I'm writing this) and it was a nasty piece of work to get it to operate the way I wanted or in fact NEEDED it. The distributed figures didn't distribute, got set off or didn't render at all. All in all it was SO annoying that I fled into Fallout4 for some while instead of doing this.

But now, FINALLY with the help of additional scripts I was able to produce the FIRST ACTUAL PICTURE using this technique, bulldozing the way for more stuff like this. BEHOLD! A pair of beautiful feet climbed by a mindblowing amout of SEVEN FUCKING THOUSAND FUCKING PEOPLE! 7000!!!!


pant pant pant
I'm sorry.

Sweet Holy Mother of Johnson... I can hardly describe how I felt when - after 15minutes of calculating - the render started to show the first outline of this massive crowd. It was like... a small step for a man, a giantess leap for macrophilia...

Anyway... I think I can continue my work now. Holding in my hands the power to give you... millions of tinies on your favorite giantesses ;) Thank you.

By the way: can you guess which girl those feet are attached to? ;) If you guess correctly you get a free set of grateful thoughts and a smile from me at the screen!
Birthday Update by UnseenHarbinger
Birthday Update
Well, it has been ages since I last showed up here, so it's about time to give a little update as a birthday-special to you folks!

You probably all want to know how it's going with the comic and I'm proud to inform you: not very well...

I got one part finished but then again a lot of stuff happened that kept me from working on it.
First of all, my job is consuming even more of my free time making it almost impossible to work on the comic during the week. And as most of you know weekends vanish in the blink of an eye.
Second thing is, that my abilities are growing more and more and with the possibility to create my own clothing, morphs and props my aspirations to myself are skyrocketing. There is no excuse to do things by halfes anymore, which might be raising the quality but also raise production times to the square! I'm loosing entire weekends creating just one prop. But that's what I signed up for, I guess...
Third: I really, really want to put massive amounts of tinies into the scenes, because that's what I like the most! Mega-Giantesses shoveling huge masses of tinies into their hands and ... elsewhere. The problem with that is: if you want to put more than 5 figures into the scene, you need more RAM and/or CPU than all the computers of NASA, Google, Facebook and the fucking KGB combined. It just SLOWS down the working process down so much, making it very, VERY tedious to position all those little guys. I'm still working on solutions to figure this out, but at the moment it's a real pain in the ass.
Aaand last but not least: I admit it: I'm as much a gamer as I am a 3D-Artist and yeah... I lost a long ass time to games like Stellaris, Warhammer Total war and so on. And with a game like No Man's Sky on the horizon I already know, that it will have a PRETTY DAMN HUGE impact on the working progress of the comic again.

*Sigh* Well, now you know! Don't worry though, I'm still quite sure I'll get that rubbish done this year. Anyway: here's a little sneak peak of what's already done! Hope you like it!
GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 39 by UnseenHarbinger
GATC Chapter 6 - Sneak Peak 39
For you military guys I want to give a little extra update introducing the new general responsible for taking care of the giantesses after General Jack F. Ironside retired.

Get the fuck in line, soldiers, for General Arthur "Fucking" Ross! Allthough he's as tough as Ironside, he's a little more tolerant towards the flaws of the giant girls ^^

Who recognizes the actor? ;)    


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